Zao Onsen

Like most of the resort, the accommodation options here are largely steeped in tradition, with guests having a large range of traditional Japanese ryokans and simple pensions. There are also a handful of larger hotels with western-style rooms, and western food is available at some of the restaurants, but be prepared to sleep on tatami futon bedding and enjoy some delicious Japanese food should you pay a visit.  

The hotels and ryokans on the right side of Zao have easiest access to the slopes, but the left side caters to a more aesthetic crowd with stunning traditional designs and architecture you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Almost all of the ryokans and hotels offer stunning onsens free for guest use, too. As the resort is quite spread out, a lot of places will offer shuttle buses or transport services, and this can be a great help getting around in the snowy weather. 

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