Restaurants & Nightlife

Please check the Tomamu Resort Homepage Restaurant Guide for a full guide to operational periods of each restaurant in the resort.

While Tomamu is relatively small, both the Tower Hotel and the Risonare Tomamu have a range of dining options available to guests, totalling around 20 dining options throughout the resort. Use the free shuttle to move between buildings to access the variety of restaurants and cafes.  

You can try delicious traditional Japanese cuisine and local Hokkaido cuisine, but it’s also a great resort for lovers of western and international food from across the world, with dedicated French, Italian and Korean restaurants all open for business throughout winter. Some of the restaurants do close throughout the quieter months, so make sure to check the Tomamu Resort Homepage Restaurant Guide.

Those looking for extended stays in the resort will enjoy the diversity of cuisine, but if even this bores you, the town of Shintoku is a short trip away on the complimentary shuttle bus and local train; a small town with a great number of cute and traditional Japanese restaurants. It’s a great night out if you’re looking to experience some more authentic and less commercialized and tourist-driven sights and food. 

The nightlife here in Tomamu is relatively non-existent. There is alcohol available, of course, at dinner restaurants and cafes, and in vending machines throughout the resort, but don’t expect to be dancing the night away or partying it up in these luxury hotels. This is common, however, in many Japanese ski resorts, and you’re likely to be too sore and worn out to even consider partying anyway! 

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